You are no longer a startup, you’re in business.

The first few months of running out with that brilliant idea of yours, hoping to become ‘the next big thing in town‘ aren’t the hardest part of developing a brand. The real test happens between 6 to 12 months into that idea, and you’ll begin to realize that this scene isn’t the same as the magic you hoped for.

You‘ve worked so hard for this, even quit your job to make sure you succeed, cut off friends and family members to make sure your concentration is absolutely topnotch, now you‘re recognizing the business side of being your own boss.

I’m talking about the core part of your business, the talking and marketing aspect, the process of trying to promote your brand and doing all those things you knew were the prerequisites of all successful brands.

It strikes you like a bomb! You’re no longer the owner of a startup. You’re now into a full business. People are beginning depending on your performance.

The only way out is to develop the ambiance of an expert around your product/service and observe how your brand value will increase. What is your core story? What do you care most about in your brand? Whats that unique selling proposition you’ve brought to the table?

Whether the brand you are trying to sell to represent just a skill or a problem you’ve identified, become known for one thing now. Pick a niche and go for it. You can divert into other services once you‘ve developed a good relationship with your clients, but focus on what you know how to do expressly well for now so you‘d climb the ladder easily instead of being ditched to the sides because of your pricing.

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