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About Me


I’m Joshua Agusiobo, the founder of The Brand Engineers; a team of business developers specialized in Branding, Content creation, web development and Digital marketing that have helped dozens of startups bring their ideas to life. With a background in engineering, business development, and marketing, I work closely with small business owners around the globe- consulting them through challenging situations and identifying valuable strategic opportunities to advance their businesses.

As a social perception management professional, I’m focused on taking my client’s vision and turning it into actionable goals for finding and converting new business opportunities. My passion for quality design, captivating contents, unparalleled online presence, and flawless execution will drive the type of services you offer.

My biggest motivation is to become the most innovative Social Perception management professional in Africa by 2025.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

- Isa Holmgren

What My Clients Say

Highly energetic and mentally stimulating, that's how i'll explain my experience working with awesome josh. He helped me identify key challenges my business was facing and how to find the right solution using targeted marketing and direct sales approach. I will recommend him to any entrepreneur who really wants to up their game.
Ikenna Okonkwo
Web Designer
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