5 brand hacks for e-commerce brands and fashion designers.

If you are operating in any of these fields either as a fashion designer or an eCommerce salesperson, your work requires many branding. There are 5 brand hacks for e-commerce brands and fashion designers that you need to know, because no one will patronize you because you are good at what you do but because there’s an emotional attachment to your brand.

5 brand hacks for e-commerce brands and fashion designers.

When was the last time you gave your Ashwebi clothes to a random tailor just because their shop looks nice or you bought expensive sneakers from that online store because they look good?

We all started buying because someone we know honestly made a recommendation.
Even a brand as big as Jumia, they still have to do pay on delivery, just to build that rapport and trust. What have you done for your brand?

I’m not going to do some long talks here, let‘s dive into some practical steps.

1. Get your clients involved: they want to be part of the conversationcontribute to ittake ownership of it. Allow them to suggest a particular product to sew. Create pools and make them chooseask them for their opinions when making big moves like adding a new product or opening a fashion label.
Show their pictures of how a particular design was made from scratch, don’t worry they won’t do it even if you show them a million times. Let them suggest the name. Imagine asking your followers to suggest a name for your child, really cheezy…

2. Give them an experience rather than a product: This can be as simple as slipping a personal thank you note in your delivery package or a complimentary breakfast when you can. Just do something special for them. It might not even have anything to do with your product and that’s what will make the whole move so interesting for them.

3. Validate your Testimonies: I have a client that sells all her e-commerce products based on testimonials, she shares it on all her social media platforms and just like a church with many miracles, that how people have been flooding her DM. Make sure to get a review from anyone that ever patronize you and make sure their review comes real, we all know the real ones.

4: Always Teach them something: theres a particular blog I like reading, all they talk about there is how to dress like a perfect gentleman, their contents have influenced my attires so much that I can’t just but tell my friends about them. Do you know what they sell? T-shirts, sneakers, wristwatches and the likes. Its a freaking E-com website but they teach awesome things there.
You can do the same for your brand. Just take out one day to teach ladies how to dress up or how to use the right handbags. We are all connected to anything that offers the value we need. Create an extra value around your brand.

5: strengthen your network: learn how to meet people and make your presence felt. Attend events well prepared with your business cards and always have samples of your products handy on your phone. Smile and be courageous, everyone tells when you are not. Be proud of what you do.

Bonus point: Now, this isn’t supposed to be here, but let me talk about it. Stop flooding your WhatsApp and Facebook statues with new products, arrivals or new material and ask them to DM you for the price, like how do you do that?
It actually tells people off. Rather, learn how to build a pictorial catalog of your products and the actual price on it. I can help you with this if you want to learn. It will look neat and inviting.
You‘ve already done enough reading, now go andstartimplementing them.

That’s the only way to know if it works or not. But I know it works.
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Have a great week!

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